Mr. Thrifty Foods, with minor name changes, has been open to the public and part of the Billings community for nearly 40 years. The current ownership began in the year 2000 and has continued providing quality products at bargain prices.

Since 2007, we’ve developed supply relationships with various distributors across the United States. The products you’ll see on the shelf, in the coolers or freezers, may result from overstock, miss-shipments, closeouts, short-dated per manufacturers “best-by” date, or even as simple has new packaging/labeling.

We buy from local distribution areas across the US so you’ll often find new products seldom if ever seen in other local stores. Whether you can find the same product locally or not, you’ll be certain to appreciate the 40% to 60% everyday savings on most items in the store, be it grocery, dairy, product or meat.

Short-Dated & Damaged Items

Food safety is an important issue with Mr. Thrifty Foods. While damaged or short-dated items are just a part of our inventory, we receive most of our questions around these products. We carefully examine all our products, especially dented cans or crunched boxes, to ensure that the integrity of the packaging has not been compromised.

Short-dated refers to the sell by or best by date which is primarily established by the manufacturer/producer to help retailers monitor and rotate their inventory. This date is established by the producers themselves as being a date their product is deemed to retain its peak freshness. It does not mean that the product is not good after that date.

A study completed by the Natural Resources Defense Council found that Americans waste nearly 40% of our country’s food production because of a misunderstanding of the best by or use by dates stamped on the product.


Significant savings to your food budget and pocketbook are assured. Everything you’ll purchase in our stores is guaranteed. Our best form of advertising is our satisfied customers telling other family members or friends about us. Please, come see for yourself. The savings are worth the trip, the service you’ll receive is the way it “oughta be”. New product comes in almost daily; however, our savings and service will remain the same.