We receive the bulk of our fresh produce from a local grocery distribution center as a result of overstock situations resulting from local stores ordering less than they originally projected. We are able to pick up the produce each morning offering you, our customer, the great savings you’d expect from Mr. Thrifty Foods.


Chocolates and others snacks over the years have become very expensive at the large retail stores. Not so at Mr. Thrifty Foods. Here you are able to treat yourself to a candy bar, chips or a special treat at a great price…to keep those kids or spouse satisfied between or after meals. Our everyday low prices allow you to treat your family!!


We carry fresh milk products and locally produced eggs. We purchase these items like other grocery stores, keeping our prices very competitive. This allows you to “one stop” shop, saving you both time and the cost of driving elsewhere for your everyday needs. The remaining cooler space is filled with juices, cheeses, ready to bake rolls, yogurt, or at one time or another, just about anything you’ll find in any local grocery cooler section, but not near our savings!


Our health and beauty aids aisle is the one section of the store where we emphasize — once it’s gone, it’s gone! Only rarely do we get a steady inventory of HABA goods, so you never know what you’ll find on a daily basis. Our HABA aisle is where more often than not, you’ll find savings well above 75% – 100% compared to other local store outlets.


The frozen or fresh meats are a result of overstock, miss-shipments or an entire pallet refused due to one case damaged. If you are one of those who often buy several fresh meat items, only to throw all but one in the freezer, please check out the incredible savings you’ll find at Mr. Thrifty Foods. Remember, all products including meat are guaranteed.


Coffee, tea or milk? How about water, juice, soda or any number of drinks that we have. You’ll typically find a very large selection available to quench your thirst. Again, stretching your family food budget farther than you could imagine before you discovered Mr. Thrifty Foods.


Our grocery selection can be as surprising as opening an unexpected gift. A vast and ever changing array of products will keep your eyes busy. A large portion of our groceries come to us primarily from the western part of the United States, which means you’ll find great food products you may never find in other local stores.


We do our very best to provide for all of your family members including the furry ones. Come check out our selection. You’ll find significant savings for that lovable and adorable adopted family member.


Our bread supply is brought to us by two major local brand suppliers. While most of the bread, buns, bagels, muffins, and even treats are referred to as “day old” the savings are “refreshing”. However, these suppliers have overproduction from time to time and their products are fresh as can be. Come in and see for yourself. Our everyday low prices for most breads and buns are $1.40 per package. For those of you who love to bake, you’ll also often find a great selection of unbaked bread/bun/roll dough to save even more than you imagined.